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dana 60 front axle width The Dynatrac ProRock 60® was the first of its kind when it was unveiled in 2002. Spring perches will probably have to be relocated; however, these can be removed and rewelded, or new 3-inch-diameter spring perches can still be purchased from rear axle parts suppliers along with the other upgrade items we have mentioned. DANA Spicer 1350 U-Joint Strongest 1350 Available Old #5-447X. Related Trucks: F250/F350, SRW (not sure on DRW) Axle Specs-Tubes: 3. 25" M37 front spring width 2" M37 spring length approx 45" With those numbers, you could shorten the Gm D60 2. Not gonna happen as the front axle is just too big. 00. 19 watchers. The casting and oversized main caps are constructed from a proprietary nodular iron which is substantially stronger than cast iron. The Ford 4x4 Dana 60's have the drivers side drop, both standard (low pinion) and reverse cut (high pinion) gears and kingpin steering knuckles up to about 1991 and in 1992 they started using ball A DRW pick-up axle is 6" wider than a SRW pick-up axle. 00 This specially-configured ProRock 60 ® semi-float rear axle for the 2007-2018 Jeep JK gives you legendary Dynatrac strength and durability with the lowest price of all time! This assembled axle is the stock JK width (65. Get added strength and durability, with increased ground clearance for larger tires. Dana 60 rear axle. The pumpkin lands more or less under it. 73:1 axle ratio w/ Traction-Lok There were three different ring gear sizes from '79 through '86; 6. 25 or GM 14 bolt. Comes with new rotors, calipers, and brake pads. $399. CNC Machined. The TNT High Pinion Dana 60 Axle Truss makes swapping this axle into your Jeep a breeze, and is an easy way to further strengthen your front housing and end up with beefier axle brackets and components at the same time. 1 Jun 2012 Check out Part 5 of the Doomsday Diesel build as we build a Dana 60 front axle that will never fail. Brake and Steering components NOT INCLUDED in this product. Almost as beefy as D60, but better dimensions. 186 sold. 56, 1 piece axle shafts, Warn full floater axle kit. Super Deals on Mark Williams Axles. Today, it’s an off-road performance standard to which all other Dana 60 based axles are compared. shaft. My question is if I buy a Dana 70(not HD) will the wheel mounting widths be the same on both axles? I'm thinking the Dana 70's were dually  8 Nov 2018 does anyone have drawings of the front and rear axles for the defender, I need to bend up some new axle mountings. FAST 'N FREE. The width of the axle shafts is 1. This hybrid is not only intended for live axle swaps, but is also highly focused for those who have a right/hand drive live axle front end already in use! 1. 91-93 3/4T and one T. 88 and 5. Billet Steel Housing Ends $ 75. 5 full float rear ends] Ford Trucks [Dana 60, 61, 70, 80, & Sterling 10. 375". I have a 78-79 in mine and personally like the extra width. The vast majority of Ford Dana 60's are the high pinion design, you can see the difference in the diagram above. 5" Width (same as stock )  the dana 44 front axle, dana 44 rcv ultimate 4340 chromoly axles jeep jk rubicon stock, yukon gear axle inner axle shaft, qu42015 inner front axle shaft seal for dana 44 and dana 60, dana 44 dana 44hd ttb front axles blue oval trucks. Some late '70s and early '80s Dodge trucks had 35-spline '60 rear axles. 3125" wall steel tubes, 1 ton inner knuckles, 5/16" thick heavy steel diff cover, yoke, and all new heavy duty Currie Jeep JK suspension brackets mounted Mar 31, 2011 · Building A Budget Dana 60 By The Numbers: Dana 60 Chrysler Rear Housing (44″ center of pad-to-pad width, 54″ between backing plate flanges width) Currie Forged Alloy Extreme 35-spline Axles, offset pair 28-7/16″ and 27-1/16″ (# CE-1014) Currie Sealed Large Axle Bearings With O-Rings (# CE-8000S) The Ultimate Dana 60 ® axle incorporates many of the upgrades serious Jeep enthusiasts demand. The axle housing itself can be cut with a metal chop saw, band saw, porta-band, cut off wheel or even a hack saw if that is all you have and you need a good work out. 00 Yukon Gear & Axle YA FF35-33. In this episode of 610BOB's builds, I shorten a Dana 60 front axle that came out of a 2005 F250 Superduty so that it can fit into my YJ Jeep. Axle Tubes: 3. Key identifiers – 10 bolt cover, most commonly a front axle Solid Axle, Wheel Hubs 5, 6 and 8 lug for Dana 60. OEM Dana 1-ton front axle widths are 69" between wheel mounting surfaces ( WMS). Rear '60s are easy to find Jun 12, 2013 · Both 60's and 44's were different widths between Chevy and Dodge, and usually are wider than rear 60's (which have various widths too). I installed disc brakes in the 14 bolt and installed an E brake assembly from a 1978 Caddi. Best known for our huge selection of ring and pinions, G2 also produces axle shafts, locking differentials, hubs, housings and even complete axle assemblies. 5") 20 Oct 2014 Rebuilding your Dana 60 Center section isn't outside your reach. 10 rear gear ratio and also use a Dana 44 axle in the front with either a 3. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. The Barnes 4WD Pro Series GM Dana 60 Front Axle Truss is a full width low profile truss made from a combination of 1/4 and 3/16 steel to keep it light but incredibly strong. So to run a true full width axle under a bronco in the front there is either frame mods, push axle forward 9" or run a lot lift to clear the cross member and the frame rail. My preference would be a Sterling 10. Dana 30 high pinion, Dana 44 high pinion Another term to understand is "full width axle conversion". 75" vs JK44- 8. 375" Cap, Forged Cross, W/ Zerk, 5-332X for Dana 60. 00 When I had my '70 at stock height I built a low pinion 60 front axle and made it several inches narrower than the '86 HP60 I used for parts in order to keep the 33. A pickup with DRW is around  Upgrading your differential to full-width axles on a 1987 to 1995 Jeep YJ is one of the #1 upgrade owners want to do!! NON-SHACKLE REVERSAL SETUP. 30 Dec 2013 If you want narrow track CJ width axles forget about the 60 front. 5 WMS to WMS? I don't want the front tracking wider than the rearwould it be better to go with a Dodge front 60? That should be  Do you want to know what axles came under your Ford truck, or what Ford truck to look under to find a specific axle? This guide should Widths (Wheel Mounting Surface to Wheel Mounting Surface):. Tip #4: You must know/measure your existing brake gap if reusing axles! There are no "standard we’ve introduced the new Ultimate Dana 60™ front and rear axles for the Jeep ® Wrangler ® JK. Specifications: 9. The 10. Watch. 5 bolt pattern, and some being CAD axles. EmWest Motorsports is committed to building custom axles using not only the brands we believe in, but the brands The Motobilt Jeep YJ full width axle conversion kit is a simple way to install a Chevy Dana 44 or Dana 60 front axle in your Jeep YJ. pdf 99dieselsmoke From 2000 on, the Ford D60 front axle is also known as the Model 60F2000+ or the 248M. My problem is should I narrow the Dana 60, the jeep isn't a 100% daily driver but in the summer I drive it everywhere. 75" OD, 1/2" wall-WMS to WMS: 72" At Dana, they have been paying attention. 5" wide F250 78-79 (F) Dana 60 69. Helpful Links Dana BOM lookup page Dana 70 Maintenance Guide Dana 60/70 Powr-Lok LSD Service Manual The Dana 50 TTB (Twin Traction Beam) 4×4 front axle was used in the Ford F-350 from 1980 until a mid-year change in 1985, when the F-350 was fitted with the Dana 60 solid front axle. 5" diameter tubes with 7/16" wall Heavy duty forged JK inner knuckle Cs 65. 6 ; Huge Pinion Bearings, Carrier Bearings, and Spider Gears found in 1 ton axles Certainly feel free to have discussion in the thread, ask questions, post pictures of what you have done with the axle, etc. 69. Kit available for Ford front axles with a 36 1/2" center pin to center pin width. Please call or email us to discuss your customization specs: axle width, diff drop, offset, caster and pinion angles, and any changes to the above standard specifications you want to make. They have a matching track width and brake size, so these axles  31 Oct 2017 The customizable Dana 60 front and rear axles allow different width and center drop dimensions for Jeep TJs and XJs, rock crawlers, bouncers, and other off- road vehicles. 5" Wide Cab and Chassis DRW are 66. Dana front and rear differentials can be found most commonly in Jeep, Ford and Dodge vehicles. 25″, and 9. Ultimate Dana 60™ front axles feature improvements throughout that are designed to give you an advantage across even the most brutal terrain. 00 TruTrac Limited Slip - Installed $985. From 1967-1975, drum brakes were used at all four corners, while the later models were available with disc brakes in the front. New wheels will need to be purchased to do this swap. Items 1 - 12 of 24 Dana 60 Front Axle Specs 1994-1999 Dodge Ram 2500, 3500 IDN-102. 5 (similar in strength to a Dana 70). Offering complete axle services in-house, we can straighten, truss, and custom build any housing you desire. Sort By. These are quality axle replacements, but unfortunately they carry a considerable price tag. The next number is the part (bill of At first I found a D60 rear axle from a Dodge van, only to find out (after I paid for it of course) that most D60 rear's came with a 1,31" 30 splined axle shaft. This crate axle, made by Dana with all the care and engineering that went into the original axles, will take your Jeep to the next level. While the Dana 50 features Dana 60 sized knuckles, hubs, and axle tubes, it has a smaller carrier Rebuilt GM Dana 60 Front Axle installed with 4:56 gears, Tru Trac Posi, and Warn Premium Hubs. Rebuilt 14 Bolt Rear Axle installed with 4:56 gears, Tru Trac, and Emergency Disc Brake. By choosing options above you can fully outfit your axle for nearly anything you can throw at it. 4 out of 5 stars 9. Seems that 65" WMS is the desirable width? A stock Ford  Fit JK Wranglers · Front Ultimate Dana 60 axle · 5. 5's were reserved for single rear wheel (SRW) applications, where the larger 80 was used in all duallies (DRW). ¾ ton GM D44/10bolt front rotors, and the common 7-1/16” GM calipers. Northridge Kaleb @ Northridge4x4 2 days ago Was this answer helpful? Jan 24, 2011 · If it is a Dana 60 it is a front axle. 5, D35- 7. I just bought a used pair from a guy on Pirate for $150. dana 60 front axle chevy in California at AmericanListed. 4375") DOM tubes Jun 01, 2009 · The Dana Super 60 high-pinion front axle is based on the traditional Ford Dana 60-everything's just a little bit bigger. A good swap for a full width axle with a driver-side pinion, however. Axle Widths A tape measure and a flat peice of plastic to extend the WMS to the outside of the drum was used in order to get a 1989 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) rear Dana 35: 60-1/2" 1974(?) International Scout front Dana 44: 60" 1974 International  That doesn't mean you need to end up with a factory width axle, as you can use one factory size on one side and a different factory size on another. I have been told that it is a 35 spline, but have not had the time to take it apart. My Jeep is a 1961 and doesn't need tone rings. Dana Spicer 2023068 Axle Seal fits Outer Axle Shaft 2005 to 2016 FORD Super Duty F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 with DANA SUPER 60 Front Axle replaces 2017426 and 55474 CLICK HERE for More Details Part#: 2023068 Mopar Complete JK Rubicon Dana 44 4. A heavy-duty front '60 can be found on '78 and '79 ¾-ton Ford pickups equipped with the snowplow package. For comparison, the stock Land Cruiser width is 55". The Dana/Spicer Model 60 is an automotive axle used in OEM applications by Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, and Ford. Dana 44 Front Axle Shaft Length Chart 45 High Quality Ford 8 8 Axle Width Chart . The beefier Dana 60 axles and diff can handle up to 200 more horsepower than the 8 3/4, but not more than I have an extra pair of Dana 60 35 spline axles. These are fresh pulled and ready to go. 5" spring pad width; 77. You will need a new front driveshaft and slip yoke eliminator; Exhaust modification is required; Must change transfer case to passenger side front output shaft; Axle Applications: ORU Custom Dana 60 / 8 Lug / 32. It's amazing we get away with as much as we do. Dana made the announcement at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show, held here through Nov. Ford, Chevy and the Dodge Ram have all used the Dana 60. Steering stabilizer installation on a Dana 60 axle Installing a Superlift Steering Stabilizer on a dana 60 front axle of a Ford F350. Inner Axle Shaft Seal Installing Kit D-195. 5" rear. heres a link to what i have found. In addition, they added massive new Spicer® SPL®-70 universal joints for premium performance you cannot get anywhere else. Dana 30. Using the bulletproof Dana 60 High Pinion center section we build the housing to your specifications. Strange Dana 60  30 Mar 2010 What year axle or era of years are you putting in. The SRW had Sterling/Ford 10. Jeep Gladiator JT Rubicon 2019-2021. 5 in rear axles the F350 dualies had Dana 80 rear axles The 450 and 550s had larger rears I think they were Dana 135s. What are the 3) You get all the strength of a 1ton axle, but the nimbleness of the stock width Jeep. Jul 14, 2016 · Rubicon models come straight out of the gate with a stronger front end than non-Rubicon models. 1,000. Positive identification of the Corporation (Chevrolet) axle (43) 43 product ratings - FORD DANA 60 FRONT AXLE MASTER SEAL KIT FORD SUPER DUTY F250 F350 F450 F550. - Full width Front Axle - Our Custom USA made Leaf Springs-Drive line mods or Conversion flanges - Steering kits: Dana 60 Crossover - Dana 60 HighSteer - Dana 44 Crossover Dana 44 HiSteer We can build any steering kit for a Dana 44 or 60 under a Toyota -Shocks/Mounts Bilstein Shocks Shock Mounts Front Shock Hoops Oct 26, 2012 · M37 front axle spring perches center to center 29. Browse our selection of Dana 60 Axles Shafts here at Drive Train Specialists -- your trusted source for quality drivetrain parts, accessories, and services. 25" M37 front springs outside to outside 31. Quick Mar 26, 2020 · A 40 getting a 60 axle swap usually has some minor issues to properly attach the spring and keep the spring perch low to the axle. 89, D44a- 8. (PRNewsFoto/Dana  Results 1 - 30 of 267 Using a 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai front housing (taking into account: width, lug pattern, passenger-side drop, driveshaft flange, and gearing Front Axle Parts for Dana 44; Rear Axle Parts for Dana 44; Dana 60 Parts. com The Dana 60 Rear Axle Assembly is in stock at Tri-County Gear and is priced starting at only $1450 with an open carrier. 54 gears and a 31. Motobilt offers high quality fabricated parts for the DIY fabricator. I made it the same width as the 59-75 drum brake F-250 axles. Can any of you provide me with some options for a Dana 60 that has approximately this same WMS as the the front Dana 44? I know I'  9 Jun 2020 Specs: The following info is true of all front Dana 60s covered by this article. These axles have been used optionally in production with Dana design axles from 1977 thru 1980. Front Dana 60 axle U-joints: Dana 60 Ujoints are 1480 series - 1 3/8" U-Joint cap diameter, 4. 00, includes front and rear. New Cold Forged joint (Spicer calls these the “Spicer Life Series” ) From 2000 on, the Ford Dana 60 front axle is also known as the Model 60F2000+ or the 248M. View as Grid List. Toll Free: (800) 521-0628 About Us The Dana 60 only came with one axle diameter of 3. The majority of users remove all factory brackets from the axle & cut 2" out of the driver side center section. Another great axle build here at Boyce Equipment. 5 bolt pattern. Massive Spicer® SPL®-70 u-joints—exclusive to Dana; Spicer® 35 spline SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel axle shafts; Warn® 35 spline hub How wide are these at the tire mounting surface compared to stock JK axles? 1 of 1 people found the following answer helpful A: The Ultimate 60's are 69" WMS to WMS. The Dana 50 was an option on the Ford F-250HD (Heavy Duty – over 8500# GVW) from 1980-1986. These were my spare shafts from my rock crawler, I sold it. These trusses reach all the way to the steering knuckles and are designed to give you eight inches of separation from center of the axle to the center of the upper link mount. 5" spring pad width; 73-87 Corporate 10 Bolt / 32. The only concern over the last two axles is where the additional width comes from. Removing the old axle After rebuilding the Dana 60 remove the old Dana 50/44, steering linkage and sway bar. The stock axle tubes are 3. 88:1 R&P when used behind a Dana 20 transfer case. Rear axles were either a 16 or 30 spline 8-lug Dana 60. 125" Outside Diameter x . Select Options. Using Stock Drum Brakes: Using Stock Disc Brakes: Drum - 9 1/2" GM Drum Brake Kit (Add $480. These brackets will weld in the same location as the stock brackets, so if you are looking upgrade, or just to replace damaged parts these are the brackets for you! These brackets are cut to fit a 3-1/4 diameter axle tube (Dana 60 and Ford 8. I have a set of stock length full width Chevy Dana 60 Spicer front axle shafts axleshafts with 35 spline outers. DANA 60 A Dana 60 looks deceptively similar to a Dana 44, but the 60's 9 3/4-inch ring gear diameter is a major factor in strength. These trusses reach all the way to the steering knuckles and are designed to give you eight inches of separation from center of the axle to the center of the upper link Dana 60 rear axle dimensions and specifications Bodystyle , Housing width , Flange to flange , Spring perch distance , Sure-grip type , Yoke type ’66 B-body ,54-1/4″ housing,59-3/8″ axle flange to flange,44″ perch,23 spline Power-Lock Sure-Grip,1330 U-bolt yoke In 2000 Ford F-450 and F-550 4x4 models also used the Dana 60 front axles and starting in 2005 the F-450 and F-550 had the Super 60 front axles. 50" Wall Thickness 76 Chevrolet dana 44 big hub front axle and matched dana 60 full floater rear end drum brakes on rear disc on front, front has 4. 5" out back. 5″ or 6 on 5. 14 Dec 2018 We've put together a comparision guide of the Dana 44 and Dana 60 axles which are known as best axles you can swap into a daily driver Back to the Dana 44 specifically, lets look first look at the front axle Closed-Knuckle Dana 44. Axle: 2005-2010 D60 ***There is some confusion over the term "super 60". 00 Dana 60 Front Axle, High Pinion. Part Number: NGA-AXD2002692 Not Yet Reviewed Dana is the stock differential for a large segment of domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. Sep 07, 2020 · Good – Larger ring gear than a Dana 44; Bad – Weak two piece axles, small axle tubes prone to flexing. The base price includes: New High Pinion Center Section with 3. I already have a chevy dana60 front axle and dana 70/80 rear axle for one of my trucks. The Motobilt Jeep YJ full width axle conversion kit is a simple way to install a Chevy Dana 44 or Dana 60 front axle in your Jeep YJ. check it out http://jeephorizons. Your choice of width, perches, axles, carrier, studs, pinion yoke, cover, and pinion snubber. 25" (driver side drop, king pin, leaf spring span: 31. 99. D60 Front Axle U-Joint, 1480, 1. 13s, posi, new warn hubs,stub axle, high steer arm. 5, but it can be ordered in any width you like. Jun 01, 2012 · The ’91 GMC Suburban 2500 that’s the basis for Doomsday Diesel was never offered with a Dana 60 front axle. 5 inch OD with 0. Axles Dana 60 MW 50100 HiTorque 35 spline, Housing width = 46. The true Super 60 is found on the F450/F550. The 8 lug (8 on 6. 125-inch ring gear that is standard in JKs. In short, the D60 was the ideal upgrade axle for the 45 truggy. Take with a grain of salt, and please send me corrections / info that you have, as well as info for filling in the blanks. Confused about overall width versus pinion location, what length to order axles, how much to cut off of the housing??? These handy measuring and reference fixtures (Measuring dog bones) save time and money by minimizing guesswork and errors when narrowing a rear or front end and shortening axle shafts. Tired of breaking your Dana 30 front end, then install a Dana 44 or Dana 60 front end from a full size Ford with ease. Manufactured in both full float and semi float variations. You might want to do some searching and reading about all of the front and rear axle swaps done here so that you can Just some background info for you, stock EB rear axle width is ~58" WMS to WMS (wheel mounting surface) if I'm not mistaken. Note the 60-2 cast on the bottom of the differential cover. The outer stub shafts are not that different though. 00 Lock Rite - Installed $469. 10 gear ratio. Inside arc (axle tube location) is set so that the brackets fit snug on the axle tube for easy installation and castor setting. The semi float axles have GAWR up to 5,500 lbs and the full float axles were rated up to 6,500 lbs. 5" WMS to WMS and the 60 would be about 69. 5" spring pad width This vehicle is not just any vehicle. 21 Dana 44 used a standard chevy 1310 yoke, Dana 60 used the heavy duty yoke which takes the larger 1350 yoke. It can be readily identified by its straight axle tubes, 10 bolt asymmetrical cover, and a "60" cast in to the housing. Dynatrac ProRock 60® high-pinion (reverse-cut ) heavy duty nodular iron housing and nodular diff cover; Any axle width or offset   Featuring many of the modifications that serious off-roaders have been making for years, these front and rear axles represent a true breakthrough in high- performance engineering. 10 in front and rear. The axle shaft diameter also increases and the spline count steps up to 32. If you turned down the dually hubs in the front, what WMS-WMS 11 Oct 2008 Axle swap: Dana 60 or 9 inch Bronco Tech - Archives. M) number is stamped on the right or left hand tube of the driving axles and with the help of a Spicer catalog you should be able to get all the specs and part numbers for the axle. Check the box above to enter a custom value. Dana Incorporated logo. Dana have been making heavy duty axles since the late 1940s and is still today a market leader and number one choice for owners of the Jeep Wrangler JK. The full-float design of the Ultimate Dana 60 ® axle means that the vehicle weight is carried by the housing instead of the shaft. This allows for Torque specs for the Dana 60 are 120 ft/lbs. 5" wide. Unlike the d44, the d60 uses studs on the passenger side for half the spring plate. Reverse rotation Dana 60 axles and shaved Corporate 14 bolts, to bullet proof Dana 35's and Dana 30's, Tri-County Gear can help you build your ultimate axle. 60" '67 Cougar 61-1/4" '71 to '73 Mustang '67 to '73 Torino/Ranchero with 9 ¼" axle 63-1/2" '67 Fairlane with coil springs 65-1/4" '73 to '86 Ford ¾ ton Van 68" '72 Ford ¾ ton Van This information will change as further information and corrections become available. 5” WMS-WMS (stock) AXLE TUBE: 3. You could always cut into the center section a little to expose more useable axle tube. can also use a front dana 60 out of a early dodge 1ton truck, the later models went to drivers drop diffs so early are the ones to get. 21 Dana 44 used a standard Chevy 1310 yoke, Dana 60 used the heavy duty yoke which takes the larger 1350 yoke. I also have 2 42" non sticky Iroks for sale. Upgrading your differential to full-width axles on a 1987 to 1995 Jeep YJ is one of the #1 upgrade owners want to do!! Dave's Customs Unlimited has made the process much easier with their front full-width axle kit. Dana 60 front is about 68-1/2" Wide SRW is 64. Dodge and IHC Dana 70 front axles. Our front axles feature: Spicer ring & pinion sets (ratio of your choice) Timken bearings Dana Inc. The larger the housing, the more weight it can support. These heavy duty axles feature premium quality, name brand products and parts. And now, you can have a ProRock 60 front and rear axle for your 2006-2017 Jeep JK at the lowest price ever offered! The Super Duty Dana 60 is a front axle used commonly in one ton axle conversions on many different Jeep models including the Jeep JK, Jeep JL, Jeep YJ, Jeep TJ and more. The 78-79 Dana 60's and the 98 and newer Dana 60's are not compatibale with this kit. Dana recognizes this and designed fully bolt-on axles front and rear loaded with either Eaton E-Lockers or ARB Air lockers. 125 inches, which is pretty big. 5" spring pad width; 73-87 GM Dana 44 / 8 Lug / 32. 5" and 11. 54 Standard Low (4. A high- pinion Dana 60 front axle is one of the top upgrades for truck and  dana super 60 front axle width The Dana 60 Rear Axle Assembly is in stock at Tri County Gear and is priced starting at only 1450 with an open carrier. When stock parts just won’t cut it, G2 Axle & Gear has what you need to make your 4x4 faster, stronger and more reliable. Some Ford F450 and F550 trucks offered an even stronger Super 60 axle with an extra wide housing, 1550 u-joints, and 10 lug hubs. 10 Ultimate Dana 60™ Front Axles: Upgrades Off-Roaders Demand. The spacers are 4. Check out all of the products we offer for the Dana 60. 188" across the joint. I understand there are electronics working with the stock JK axles. More on this later. In Stock. Be careful though, the D60 looks very similar to the D44 (except the oil fill plug is elevated to provide more fluid for the larger gears) and is identical Most modern Ford Super Duty trucks feature a Dana Super 60 front axle that uses a larger 10" ring gear and upgraded inner axle seals. Dana 60 Rear End (Strange S60) Drag Racing Rear Ends. Will ship for an additional $50 plus shipping costs if needed. Ultimate 60 Front Axle Features: Choice of Eaton E Locker Or ARB Air Locker; Choice Of 4. 56 ring and pinion (# D60-456) Axle Shaft Bearing Removing and Installing Kit W-343-601). 5", 35-spline shafts. Applications: 1975-82 Ford F-250 2WD (Semi-Float) 1974-83 Ford E-250 (Semi-Float) 1980-85 Ford F-350 2WD / 4×4 (Full Float) 1981 Dana 60 rear axle. 75 Yukon Gear and Axle manufactures a complete line of general replacement and performance series of pinion yokes for many street, racing, and heavy-duty off-road applications. A 60" axle with zero offset will give approximately the same tire width as a widetrack with a typical 15" negative offset. Shop with confidence. 5 full float rear ends] Jeep / IHC HD Dana 44 front axle I know usually the Sno-Fighter moniker is reserved for the late 70's HP Dana 60 front end, but I recently heard someone use the Sno-Fighter name in describing the Heavy Duty Dana 44 front axle from the same vintage that came in F250's. 5 (3/4-ton) Good For: Full-width (69 inches wide) axle conversions using up to 37-inch tires, YJs, TJs, and others with swapped-in or others with factory u can actually tell by the pinion nut or shaft size. 30 Dec 2010 I'm getting a dodge Dana 60 front with dually spacers. dana 60 gears One of the tricks our techs use is polishing the area on the pinion gear where the front bearing sits. Might be able to  Products tagged with 'dana 60 front axle'. Re: Toyota Axle/Dana 60 Hybrid Reply #19 – Thursday, May 29, 2008, 02:15 PM you can also use ff dana 60 outers, with a pre-85 housing and 8" diff, stock 30 spline 60 shafts to make a decent hybrid axle, and there's a company that sells 6 lug bearing hubs for the 60, i have most of the parts to do it sitting in the shop if i ever get bored Feb 24, 2010 · 1974 j10 dana 44 front axle WMS-WMS - 67 7/16" 1974 j10 dana 44 rear axle WMS-WMS - 69 13/16" 1979 j20 heavy duty dana 44 front axle WMS-WMS - 68 11/16" i'll measure the rear dana 60 from teh 79 j20 in a little while and post that. This allows for strict quality control and for a better end product. 56 gears, detroit rear and ARB front. Jan 23, 2015 · I'll start with the front axles: Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 - Standard width is 68. Another term to understand is "full width axle conversion". This stud has an under head length of 2. For All Other Applications Please Call for Prices. Strange Engineering There's nothing worse than tearing your rear axle apart to find that you're missing a key component. Then, to find parts compatible with that axle, click on the link in the right column that will take you to the corresponding AxleBuilder. I did a 5 lug conversion on my Dana 60 and a bb 9" from a 78-79 bronco. General Motors used the smaller Dana 44 and GM 10-bolt front axles in its fullsize SUVs. Fits 2005 to current Ford Super Duty (F250/350/450) Front Dana 60/Super 60 - Requires extensive modifcations to work with factory axle brackets. 10:1 gear ratio. Jeep Front Axle Truss Ford High Pinion Dana 60 Jeep XJ TJ ZJ MJ TNT Customs. They have incorporated a number of new features into the Ultimate Dana 60 axle, including chromoly axle shafts, a greatly enhanced carrier with upgraded gearing, and more. The Dana 44 ring gear size is 8 ½ inches. I like elegent solutions, and not just for the cost savings. com – Classifieds across California. The striaght axle can most easily be identified by a "229" cast in to the axle webbing but beware, the solid axle Dana 50 looks identical to the stronger and more desired Dana 60 axle and the internal components are not at all interchangeable. The Dana 44 used in the '72-'73 Jeepster Commandos with the one piece shafts is an excellent low buck swap from '76-'86 CJs. The first Dana 70 front axle was used in 1958 by Dodge in the W300, in both 4. Each Axle is ready to bolt in, including an assembled ring-and-pinion, axle shafts, brakes and wiring. Cheapest I saw new was around $180 each. $13,580. The 1999-2003 Powerstroke equipped F-250 and F-350 trucks featured a Dana 60 assembly up front and either a Dana 80 or 10. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - dana 60 front axle chevy listings. gears were the 4:10 for gas trucks and 3:54 for the diesels the spring with was all the same, and the axle width . 8). 5″ drums, vs the 9″ drums on a late YJ Spline count: 30 Other: An excellent choice if only swapping the rear. Aug 02, 2010 · The rear dana 60 on the J20 is still 30 spline (the same as our Dana 44s). 5" spring pad width; GM Dana 60 (Factory) / 8 Lug / 32. 10 gears sealing as set $600. We also specialize in building custom axles for whatever application you desire. '63-'73 Wagoneer and Cherokee spring perch width: 32 inches. 54 or 4. More or less depending on width and brake configurations; OEM Inner axle shaft spline counts are 16, 30, 32, and 35; 40 Spline inner axle shafts and carriers  Today, it's an off-road performance standard to which all other supposed Dana 60 based axles are compared. 5-79 Ford Dana 60 / 32. com page. For the front, yes. 5". 4) Less  Designed specifically to make the 05+ Ford Dana 60 bolt into the front of your Jeep JK/JKU!When sourcing your Dana 60 Axle for this swap choose the following specs: 05-Current Ford Front Dana 60 F250 or F350 Super Duty Single Rear  Fits 2005 to current Ford Super Duty (F250/350/450) Front Dana 60/Super 60 - Requires extensive modifcations to work with factory axle brackets. 38 Gears Crane Axle Inner C’s, Knuckles, and Diff Cover Cast from 8620 Chromoly Steel. Uses Dana 60  20 Nov 2013 Re: Ford Dana 60 front for TJ install, also need a nice 14bolt. Jun 12, 2013 · Both 60's and 44's were different widths between Chevy and Dodge, and usually are wider than rear 60's (which have various widths too). 1992-1997 f-250 f-350 dana 60 ball joint twing traction beam front axle 10 bolt cover 12" high 11" wide 3. Front Dana 44 and Dana 60 type: Breakdowns to come; Replacement Axles - Application Breakdowns: Flanged Floater: Chevy / GMC Trucks [Dana 60, 70, 80, 14 bolt, 10. NOTE: Torque wrenches D-193, C-524-A, C-4053, and DD-994 are optional and can be pur- chased separately, These torque wrenches are not included in the DW-60 Axle Tool Kit. Dana 44: These are the beefier axles found on the rear of all Wrangler models now with either a 3. The customizable Dana 60 front and rear axles allow different width and center drop dimensions for Jeep TJs and XJs, rock crawlers, bouncers and other off-road vehicles. See how to assemeble this beast of a 14-bolt AAM-1150 axle in this month's issue of Diesel. O. Long term goal is to go to Dana 60 and GM 14 full width but that's years(3-4) down the road. The Bill of Materials (B. 38 gear ratio · ARB air locker · 35 spline inner and outer axles · 8 x 6. 60 axles are 8x6. announced it will be offering a Builder Axle program to allow the inclusion of a new Dana 60 axle, with numerous upgrades, into a wide range of applications. Wheel Bolt Pattern; Kit Includes: Drag Link, Trac Bar With Relocation Bracket and Brace Find your Dana 60 axle specifications using the bill of materials code stamped onto the axle housing. See full list on mikesjeep. It is designed to work with the mid 80's to mid-late 90's Ford Dana 60 axles, both the king pin and ball joint versions. Dec 30, 2013 · 11,570. shaft and the Dana 60 has a 7/8 in. 375" Cap, Forged Cross, W/ Zerk, 5-332X. See more ideas about Axle, Bolt, Chassis fabrication. The front Dana 60 inner axle shafts are 1. Stock Dana 60 front axle dimensions. 55 gear ratio. It bolts right on, has 30 spline one piece shafts, and is narrow track width. The axle shafts in these rear ends transmit torque only and the rear wheel mounts to a hub assemble that mounts similar to a front axle on a spindle with tapered roller bearings. 5 spring pad width. And finding a D60 front axle in Norway was nearly impossible at the right price. With an original axle width at 62 inches the Dana 60 is also a good candidate for 1955-'59 Chevy pickups. Dodge also used a Dana 61 front under some diesel Find great deals on eBay for dana 60 axle and dana 60 front axle. If I go 3. Narrowing a Dana 44 front axle is not very hard to do compared to a rear axle. 125 . 75"; Lug Pattern: 8x170 or  Fusion Hybrid 60/44 Front Axle High Clearance off-road center section Utilizes Dana 60 lockers, gears, and 35 spline axle shafts Massive 3. Price is per hub (2 required for front axle assembly) The 5 lug (5 When you want the best for your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator and you want it to bolt up no-hassle, then the Dana Spicer Ultimate Dana 60 Axle with Electronic Locker should be the choice. You might  Below is a list of other axle widths just in case someone is looking to swap something out. Jun 13, 2016 · Axle: 2005-2010 D60 ***There is some confusion over the term "super 60". when we are talking about the Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series We are very proud to bring on board: Ultimate Dana 60 A Premium Offroad Rear Axle Full Floating solution and Land Cruiser Axle upgrade that improves: Drive-ability Higher axle load capacity and increases durability This Ultimate Dana 60 are the Sep 08, 2017 · The 23-spline axle from our 1968-vintage Dana 60 is 1/4-inch thicker in the spline area. 38 Axle Assembly w/ Eaton Electric Locker Sep 13, 2003 · The best way is to either buy a SRW front 60 or swap your DRW hubs with hubs from a SRW 60. In general I like 60" wms with d44 outers (built several cj's this way). 5 bolt pattern · 69 inch width hub to hub · SSPL70 U-joints  With the growing interest in one ton JK axle swaps, we set out to create an economical but reliable option for Jeep owners looking to get the most for their investment. From complete ProRock™ axle assemblies to replace Dana 44 and Dana 60 axles, to rebuildable heavy-duty ball joints and Free-Spin hub conversion kits and ProGrip™ brake systems, Dynatrac is committed to delivering the best performance, reliability and quality possible. Page. So what you need to do is measure, measure, measure. 5 bolt pattern, some being 5x5. Dana 60 axle specs and tech. 248 just happens to be the equivalent in millimeters of 9. Price: $21964. For a quick and dirty WIDTH: 63. Jeep Front Axle Truss Ford High Pinion Dana 60 Jeep XJ, TJ, ZJ, MJ TNT Customs. The most common application of this truss is for axle swaps and 3 or 4 link conversions. 00 cash $650 Hobie Vintage 60,s Surfboard Dana Point Sold Individually Dana 60 Wheel Hubs. 5-79 Ford Dana 44 / 8 Lug / 32. 375” WHEEL BOLT PATTERN: 5x5. I'd go 63-64" with a d60 because of the c's and knuckles. The F250's and larger Ford trucks use full-floating axles like the Dana 60, 70, 70U, Sterling 10. Here are some FSJ dimensions and other potentially important measurements. The Dana 60 is a popular, heavy duty, full floating front/rear differential that has been used widely in Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Dodge pickups. Toyota Toyota Front Axle Widths: 55. I wanted to see if anybody has installed Full Width Dana 60 Axles from a 1 ton Ford truck for the front and rear. Foothill Dana 60 front axles offer the ultimate in strength, dependability and reliability. Dana 60 BOM Axle Codes To find the complete build details of any Dana 60 axle, locate the BOM number stamped into the long axle tube and then find that code in the table below. Chevy axle will require swapping the transfer case to a passenger output. The  3 Sep 2020 Now Burnsville Off Road offers a Jeep TJ axle swap kit that allows you to convert a pair of Jeep JK Dana 44 axles … General Axle Info Vehicle: Stock '87-95 YJ ( front D30, rear D35C) Bolt pattern: 5 on 4. Estimated Jan 15, 2018 · Highboy front axles consisted of either an 8-lug Dana 44, Dana 44HD, or Dana 60, all of which were low pinion. 36 foot double tandem axle flatbed trailer 36 foot Platinum 6 horse LQ, side load, full width back tack 2003 EB Expedition 171K (no engine repairs, gas burners are the new longevity leaders) 2004 Volvo V70R AWD-high miler in fleet, 253K (no engine repairs) Hail totaled it but I kept it. An FJ60 or FJ80 front axle would be better still. 5 Bolt Pattern Hubs for D60. Oct 19, 2002 · The Dana 60 sits lower than the IFS front, you may need to add a spacer between the cross member and transmission to maintain driveshaft clearance if using the original driveshaft. I got my kit from Six States Distributing years ago but not sure if they are still available from them. Most wheelers in lighter vehicles don't need the strength (and resulting weight penalty) of a 1/2" axle tube. Dec 14, 2018 · An In-depth Comparison Between the Dana 44 and Dana 60 Axle You’re into serious and sometimes extreme off roading so what axle you have beneath your truck is pretty important. Narrowed front would match nicely with a C and C 14 Bolt rear. need 3. 25/50, etc. 531″. Max load (SRW): 4500lbs, Max torque short  The front Dana 60 is more sought after than the rear Dana 60. 5 (1/2-ton) and 8-on-6. Performs as an open differential until you decide that you need more traction. Currie D60 III Front End Unit includes the complete housing featuring the 65-45-12 ductile iron housing center, AR400 heat treated bottom skid plate allowing the axle to slide over rocks easily, 3" d. 248 just  28 Sep 2013 OK I have full width axles at my disposal ( Dana 44 front, Dana 60, ford 9" or 14 bolt rear) i would like to narrow whichever route i go since this truck is 6 Mar 2017 The setup no is 4" long arm lift, stock Dana 44 Rubicon front and rear on 35s. The F-450's that I have seen use an adapter to convert a Dana 60 or 70 (8 lug to the 10 lug). Widths are from opposing Wheel mount surfaces. 10 ratio manual locking hubs axle was re-built in breslau and never used. Bolt pattern: 8-on-170. 88 or 5. Axle Pkg Stock Length Mopar 5X4 1/2" Bolt Pattern (pair) 295. The dana axle article was very timely for my decision making Jun 29, 2015 · Two quick concerns, jrahman: 1) the Dana 60 diff housing hangs very low, you'd need 37" or greater diameter tires to provide reasonable trail clearance at the axle housing center, and 2) this is a lot of unsprung axle weight, which requires springs and shock damping to offset it. Starting with the 3rd gen they switched to AAM (American Axle and Manufacturing) so now the front is an AAM 9. That would keep narrowing to a minimum. Disk brake swaps are pretty much just as straightforward as they are on a 60. Dana Super 60 ring and pinion gears will fit non-super high-pinion front Dana 60 axles, although, some minor clearancing may be required. A GM Dana 60 front and GM 14boltFF with Detroit locker and disc brakes. 25″ — virtually identical to stock YJ/TJ/XJ/MJ Brakes: 10×2. 75" - the diameter of the D60s ring gear. The main advantage a Dana 70 front axle has over a Dana 60 front axle is better gross axle weight ratings. 25" if using the original GM Dana 60 center placement spring hole (that is cast into the diff housing). There are rear axle and four wheel drive front steering versions of the Dana 60. Jeep with Dana 30 : 1978-1992. Those larger axle tubes help strengthen the housing, but also make room for larger axle shafts. 38:1 gears. The wms, spring pad span, and spring pad width are subject to error and variations. 5, & 11. What do I need to swap it over to SRW? The axle is only $500, is it worth the hassle to do this? Hence the narrower LC axle. Hard parts are hard to find for the Rockwells. Width (in): 69-72. The most Replaces obsolete Spicer 48773 and 52148 Oil bath style When installing this seal the side with the rubber face should face the differential Spicer Parts Included: (1) seal Fits: 1999 - 2004 Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 with the Dana 60 front axle 2005 - 12 product ratings - Dana 60 Front Axle F250 02-04 F350 02-04 DRW 98-01 Greasable U-Joint Seal Kit Similar Items - 78 79 Ford Dana 60 front axle - $1500 Ford Dana front axle for half ton - $1345 (anywhere) Looking for pre 79 Ford half ton 4x4 front axle assembly in good shape. I ran chromoly shafts with RCV's, so I never needed them. All Highboys used a 4. Get the best deals for gm dana 60 front axle at eBay. Dec 04, 2012 · Swapping SRW hubs on a DRW housing will make the axle effectively wider, not narrower. After casting, each part is individually CNC machined for maximum precision. That way you can get the right pic. I guess I need to find pics of TJ with full widths. Low Profile Front Truss for Ultimate Dana 60 (1) $289. I narrowed mine which started life as a '93 Dodge kingpin axle to about 60" wheel to wheel. Both can be had CHEAP in junk yards. 25" while the early 3rd gens relied again on GVW and transmission options to go between the 10. Then each mount must be bored out to a D60 front axle tube size, which is a hair over 3". The ECGS Dana 60 High Pinion Front Axle features the highest quality parts available on the market. 21 to 3. Brand New. filter See all 11 photos. It did look abit funny IMO  I don't know the Ford stuff very well, but I think they are 69" and the Chev axle ( again, passenger drop) is 69. This leaves 2. Here are the benefits to the Dana 60 WJ complete axle assembly. 73 gear ratio. 1957-1972 Ford From 2000 on , the Ford Dana 60 front axle is also known as the Model 60F2000+ or the 248M. Model 30: Drive-type, full floating axle with open end steering knuckles mounted on ball studs. 75-Inch Ring Gear; 30-Spline Axles; 10-Bolt Cover; Looks Like A Standard Dana 60, But Has A Different Offset For The Carrier. Jeep TJ/XJ Full Width Front 44 Swap Kit/Truss--Full Width Dana 44 Swap Kit (For TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ) The early Ford Dana 44 is a popular option due to it's wider width, availability with a matching 9" rear, driverside drop, factory disc brakes (76+), many steering options, available locking hub options, and increased strength Could this be redrilled to 5 on 5. Front Axles Dana 30 high pinion - reverse cut used 84-99 (some axles through 91 are vacuum disconnect, 92+ are non-disconnect, 89-95 with ABS have 5-297x u-joints, all 95+ have 5-297x u-joints, all others have 5-260x u-joints) Find Differential Carriers Dana 60 Axle Model and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Dana 60, Front, Each. Part Number: DTL-915A388. Click on a differential below to view photos, measurements, and carrier breaks, as well as applicable models, and available parts, for that particular fitment. This was the same size as my D44 and not what I wanted. You'd be at least around $3k after gears and locker and labor. Ultimate Dana 60 Axle Assembly Jeep Wrangler JK Front 5. 10 Front axle assembly w/ e-locker Our Price: $3,999. Choose Options. Details: Fully Assembled Extreme 60 High-Pinion Front Axle; 64. With typical 10" wheels and tires14+" wide, the full size track width exceeds 83  The Dana/Spicer Model 60 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation and used in OEM pickup and limited passenger car applications by Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ford and Land Rover. Options – Most lockers and limited slips available, gearing from 2. o. Often times when you hear someone say they are going full  19 May 2014 1999-Present Ford Super Duty Dana 60 Front Diff type: High-pinion, driver-side drop. i'm also going to be getting a 79 golden eagle and i'll get some measurments from those axles and post it too https://carpny. Dana 44 vs Dana 60: Center Section The Ultimate Dana 60™ front and rear axles feature improvements throughout that are designed to give you the edge across the most aggressive of terrains. You can't really move the studs to adjust for your spring width. 5 wall thickness. « on: September 7, 2010, 01:41:25 pm ». 5″ U-Joint Strap kit $ 11. 54 shipping. The adapters are similar to an adapter to convert a front axle to a front axle for a dually truck (F-350). See how this Dynatrac axle will handle everything we throw at it in this month's issue of Diesel Power Magazine! I believe my stock axle is 67. The Dana 60 rear axle was first introduced in 1955 as a full floating axle in Ford F-250's and is still used today. Ultimate Dana 60 Front Axle Engineered to Ensure Optimal Strength and Durability. The Strange Dana 60 Rear End (S60) is a vast improvement over factory Dana 60 rear axle, while still accepting the same components. I'm looking for the ford f250 dana 60 axles for the other truck. These can be shipped through Fastenal if desired. 5-inch ring gear versus the Dana 30’s 7. com. So Im looking into Chromoly shafts with Spicer U-Joints(760x), Stock Shafts with Spicer U-Joints(760x) and RCV axle Shafts. AXLE IDENTIFICATION the axle. Configurations are available for any vehicle. $150. Rock Jock Dana 60 Front High Pinion Axle Assembly Eaton E Locker The Eaton Locker’s electromagnetic locking mechanism is the next generation of aftermarket differential technology. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! In general, Dana 70 front axles are uncommon, due to attributes that the Dana 60 front axle can match. Cab and Chassis. This kit fits Jeep YJ's from 1987 to 1995. Often times when you hear someone say they are going full width one ton in their Jeep, Toyota or tube buggy they are referring to using a Dana 60 front axle and not cutting it down. org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/dana-60-one-of-the-strongest-rears-differentials-available-inside-dana-60-front-axle-parts-diagram. 00 Gear Ratio changes from 513 & Up - Installed $395. does anybody know how much wider the front axle is from the rear axle what i mean is if you have all 4 wheels on the truck the front tires stick out further that the   All S60 Rear Assemblies come fully set-up with housing ends, axle bearings, breather vent, filler plug, drain plug and Lucas oil. MSRP: Now: $0. the Dana 50 has a 3/4 in. 5 Wide, different spring centers due to narrower frame. com/tech/pdf/dana_light_axle_manual. There are front and  19 Oct 2011 My 72's front axle (Dana 44) width is 69" from WMS TO WMS. Current factory and aftermarket tracbars are too long. Don't want my TJ, losing it maneuverability on the trail. Axle has 3. Apr 01, 2009 · Pattern: 6-on-5. Ya-LC axles no where close to D60. Full width basically means you find a donor truck like a 1979 Ford F250 or F350 and use the axle assembly at the same width it was removed from the truck. 3” rotors • 35-spline inner & outer axle shafts. 5 bolt pattern TR beadlocks x 4 Goodyear 37" tires. Approximate rear end widths measured from backing plate to backing plate. or Best Offer. Hello, I am considering buying a new 4 door unlimited. I may pass on the chevy dana 60, and instead find a ford f250 dana 60.  The early Wagoneer and Cherokees used Dana 30 and Dana 27 front ends. I also have a spare GM Dana 60 frt bare front axle housing, which I coud narrow. 5 inner rail width. Please give us a call for more information at 909-632-7127 The first name in heavy-duty pickup applications, the Dana 60 also has what it takes for four-wheel drive vehicles. 5" pattern and DO NOT MATCH the factory Jeep 5 lug wheel bolt pattern. 73 or 4. You need no more fancy tools then you would need to do a cut and turn as seen HERE. This axle was available with 4. Swap a 78-79 High Pinion Dana 60 Arm axle, into your Jeep TJ, LJ, XJ, ZJ or MJ. 5″ to 3″, while the Dana 60 axle tube diameter is 3. Fwiw. : Articles In 1986 Ford started putting Dana 60 solid front axles (the monobeam) in F-350 This axle had 12" brakes, which might need to be swapped out to fit in a 15" wheel. The u-joints are considerably stronger than those in the D44 and the outer stub shafts can be upgraded to 1. 13 inches. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4 Rebuilt GM & Ford Dana 60 Front Axles . 125 inches OD with 0. 5 or 8x6. You either need adapers/spacers or a dually pick-up axle. GMC V-6 used a 3. A common swap is tom narrow a Chevy Dana 44 to the size of an International Scout II or a  front and rear dana 60 width difference. 5 Yukon 1541H Alloy Rear Axle for Dana 60, 70, and 80 $ 197 2050-01-01 Mar 24, 2013 · How about narrowing it so you can use the axle tube for the perch(es). 73 to 4. It is importa Inner Axle Side Seal Installation Tool for Dana 30, Dana 44 & Dana 60 Axles Front Differentials 4. This kit also works with older model Ford 44 and 60 fronts from the 78/79 range. 5" 255/85R16 tires from sticking outside the fenders too far. Frame must be a 39. Dana 44 axle tube diameter ranges from 2. Land Cruiser rear axles are all offset to the passenger side. $275 obo. 5″ to match another D44 front axle? Probably not, due to insufficient flange material outside the stock studs Width: 60. 09:1 R&P standard and optionally with 4. The model number and date are self explanatory. 75 items . Description. Compare ring gear size/overall mass, axle tube diameter etc, the D60 is a much stronger and robust axle. 750 In. $435. Passenger side drop, complete front and rear with the exception of locking hubs. However  I'm curious about the size measurements of the Dually axles from a Chevy Dana 60 & 14 Bolt. The illustration below will help identify the Dana Axle in your Jeep. 74-inch-wide axle (an F-350 front axle is 69. gear diameters are identical), but there are no axle tubes and the "cover" is actually the suspension arm. Jeep with Dana 44 Dana 44hd front axle = 67 ¼” (‘86 J20) Dana 60ff rear axle = 67 ½” (’86 J20) Dana 60 hp front axle = 69 ¼” ( ’79 frd F350) The others are measured from the FRONT (brake line clip on the back toward top), so the passenger tube is on the left. CJ5, CJ7, Cherokee/Comanche, Wrangler, Grand Cherokee. 5” FITS: • TJ Wrangler • LJ Wrangler Unlimited (long-wheelbase) INCLUDES: • TeraFlex HD ball joints • 1350 series pinion yoke • Big Brake Kit w/ 13. Not only is it the biggest, stron-gest Dana 60™ axle we’ve ever built, but it also incorporates many of the upgrades that off-roaders demand. New Products. 5-Inch Width Provides Improved Clearance For Large Tires; 5 x 5. Just Take off the SRW hubs and put on DRW hubs Fits Ford Superduty Front Super 60 Axles $229. . Most full-floating axles are ~68"-69" WMS to WMS. diesel dodges had the stronger king pin style dana 60 front width dana 70 rears most com. Width: 60" from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface Notes: This was not the most desirable axle due to the vaccume disconnect which was prone to failure. 5" (Ford 9") brake gaps. Gear Ratio changes from 373 to 488 - Installed $375. 5" x 7/16" (. Jan 30, 2015 · 1978-1997. I had one but sold it. 14 bolts Typically have a 1/2" thick axle tube and the typical 14 bolt is probably about twice the weight of a Dana 35. 5 inches), comes with a 35-spline ARB Air Locker and 5. Is it a 1/2, 3/4, 1 ton rear axle? Is it a Rare rear end? :smash: thank you thecountrykid Apr 30, 2002 · Here it is, the only hybrid Toyota/Dana 60 front end that features Toyota outer as well as Toyota inner parts. Does anybody know a way to install Dana 60 axles other then Oct 31, 2017 · The customizable Dana 60 front and rear axles allow different width and center drop dimensions for Jeep TJs and XJs, rock crawlers, bouncers, and other off-road vehicles. any info The rear axle fitted to the 110 prior to some time around 2000 is the Dana 60" axle. Just be aware that the rotors and wheel studs (at least on my Dodge 60, but I bet the others are the same) are different between the SRW and DRW 60 fronts. jpg: 5: Location: 2017/09/dana-60-one-of-the-strongest-rears-differentials-available-inside-dana-60-front-axle-parts-diagram. 5 in. For our front axle we've chosen to use the 05+ Ford Superduty axle. J10, J20, Cherokee, Honcho, Grand Wagoneer. Add To Cart. Custom Dana 60 axle housings are available from several aftermarket dealers such as Currie, Dynatrack and Sunray. m. Customize your Dynatrac, Prorock, Currie, Teraflex complete axle assemblies - assembled by our experts! Free Shipping and confirmed Dana Front and Rear Ultimate 60 Axle Assembly Package - JT. Ring and Pinion Dana 60- 9. gear ratio is 4. 87 ratios. Axle Set Details: Fully Assembled Extreme 60 High-Pinion Front And Rear Axle Assemblies 70-Inch Width Provides Improved Clearance For Large Tires 8-Lug Wheel Bolt Pattern For Ultimate Reliability Satin Black Powder Coat Finish For Long Lasting Protection Choice Of Selectable Locker And Gear Ratio Exclusive Extreme 60 Features: High-Clearance Center Section With Rotated The Barnes 4WD Pro Series GM Dana 60 Front Axle Truss is a full width low profile truss made from a combination of 1/4" and 3/16" steel to keep it light but incredibly strong. The Super Duty Dana 60 varies a little with different year models. Dana 60, Dana 70, 1350, 1410, 10. If it is the rear axle, it is probably a Sterling 10. 25” x 0. Here is a list of components included with the Ultimate Dana 60™ • Ultimate Dana 60 Front Axle 5. The Currie 60 high-pinion front and rear axle set for the Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU includes a  26 Mar 2020 A 40 getting a 60 axle swap usually has some minor issues to properly attach the spring and keep the spring perch low to the axle. 12 product ratings - Dana 60 Front Axle F250 02-04 F350 02-04 DRW 98-01 Greasable U-Joint Seal Kit 60" 60's GMC and some Chevy's Dana 44 or Dana 60 with leaf springs 6 lug, Gear ratio's 3. 00) Ford D60 Front Axle Tech. The 84. We start with the finest domestic grade 8620 chromoly steel and have our Dana 60 Knuckles cast in the USA. Like most have already said on here, the only thing a Dana 60 has on a Toyota axle is width, if you upgrade a Toyota axle I'm going to be running a 350 in my next truck with duals and 4. Fabricated from 1/4” Ultra 100 steel making them the most durable aftermarket brackets on the market. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Dana 60 Rear offset just a tad and comes in widest. The U joint caps are tacked in so they won't pop out. I also added a Fox steering damper, ball joints, u-joints, and a finned diff cover. 21 or 3. Fit GM Dana 60 and Dodge up to 1993. 8 inches wide) was Front Dana 60 axle U-joints: Dana 60 Ujoints are 1480 series - 1 3/8" U-Joint cap diameter, 4. heavy axle steering components (all makes) hx701 maor oem & model information axle rating lbs oem part number spicer part number comment description pin size or tie rod length stud center to end applications axle alliance (detroit axle) model 3, af10-0-3, af12-0-3, af12-5-3, af13-0-3, af13-3-3, af14-7-3 king pin kits Dana 60 Complete Assemblies for Leaf Spring Applications. Dana 60 View Parts: 610357-6 Front 3. 56 ring and pinion (# D60-456) 94-02 Dodge Dana 60 front (adapt to leaf springs)? « on: December 07, 2011, 06:47:15 PM » Looking to get a set of 3/4 or 1 ton Dana axles from a 94-02 dodge ram due to the fact that I can get them much cheaper than a older style Ford or Chevy and I can have a 3. 5″, same as TJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ Width: 60. Also 44's in Dodges vary, with some being unit bearing style with either 5x4. 5" in diameter and have 35 splines. (1) Front, Dana 60, Chevy, GMC, Kit Aug 30, 2017 - My axle build wish list. Ford Dana 60's have many, many variations and this article will only focus on the suspension and steering difference between the generations. x . There are no full float factory Dana 60 rear so can't use parts from one of those for the front. Axle Applications: ORU Custom Dana 60 / 32. 010 in. Set Descending Direction. After boring, mount is cut in half. 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. That is what I did for my Chevy 60 for my MJ. 59. Wheel offsets can be fiddled with though. As for the width difference to you want to know wheel mounting surface (WMS) to WMS or track width? Mar 26, 2014 · The chevy dana 60 front is 69 1/4" wms to wms. 60" 60's GMC and some Chevy's Dana 44 or Dana 60 with leaf springs 6 lug, Gear ratio's 3. This type of axle is probably available in some Chevy and Ford pickups. Currie 60 - High-Pinion Jeep JK Axle Set (68. 000 for an inside diameter. Oct 31, 2017 · The customizable Dana 60 front and rear axles allow different width and center drop dimensions for Jeep TJs and XJs, rock crawlers, bouncers, and other off-road vehicles. The only problem is it has DRW hubs. Minis and 4Runners have a front passenger offset and are centered in the rear. Front Axle U-Joint, 1480, 1. jpg: 6: Width: 1024 px: 7: Height: 1024 px Mar 31, 2011 · Building A Budget Dana 60 By The Numbers: Dana 60 Chrysler Rear Housing (44″ center of pad-to-pad width, 54″ between backing plate flanges width) Currie Forged Alloy Extreme 35-spline Axles, offset pair 28-7/16″ and 27-1/16″ (# CE-1014) Currie Sealed Large Axle Bearings With O-Rings (# CE-8000S) Motive Gear 4. Many think they need this kind of axle. The axle is wider, has larger knuckles, 10 lug adapters, some have a 10" ring gear and 1550 u-joints,etc. Axle Shaft, Direct Fit, Dana 50/60 Dana 50/60 Stub Axle 99-04 Ford F250/350 SD 30 Spline 9-3/8 Inch Outer Stub Axle. 38 Dana 60 Front Axle; Dana 60 Front Axle. It's standard in the front of any TTB-equipped Ford except the F-250HD, which uses a Dana 50. 00 Sep 30, 2013 · Re: 99 up e350 dana 60 axle width the drum backing plate brackets that are welded to the axle tubes are completely different than those for disk brakes, just so you know. Identification Help. Strange Engineering includes their S-Trac, a Dana 60 35-spline torsion style differential. Worked well, if ya want it narrowed a bit. Original hot forged joint: Spicer 5-332X - solid cross, non-greasable . So I broke an axle in the Dana 30 this past weekend and I am not trying to figure out what would be best for this axle. I would not use a dana 60 rear, axle shafts are junk. If you can find one, if you can get a 1970-ish J20 rear, it has a WMS of a mid size (65") and comes in a non C-clip 35 spline axle with 5 x 5. Price: $79. 92. So, you can enjoy a greater load Dana 60 Housing & Axle Package . Minis and 4Runners have a front  5 Mar 2018 The front axle is a Dana 60 on remote res Fox coilovers, with Baer disc brakes. Remember you will need to get a full width rear axle to go with that big front axle too. The yard sent me pics and it looks to like correct Dana 60 to use with a Np203. 3. Aug 05, 2012 · Yes, a Dana 60 was the front on all 2nd gen trucks while the back was determined by the GVW and transmission. Dana 60 Axle Specifications & Standard Features. 50 to 3. 1986-1991 Full-Size Jeeps Front Axle: Driver side drop Dana 44 (6-lug) or Dana 44 HD (8-lug) The 6-lug axle comes in both narrow and wide versions (Grand Wagoneer is narrow, J-truck is wide) The 8-lug is wide only Rear Axle Dana 44 (6-lug) offset just a tad Note, some early 1986's have been Jun 03, 2019 · They are very heavy. 5″ rear, similar front narrowed 61" Dana 60 rear with spool 4:56 Dutchman axles with 5 on 4. Currie 60 JK Perfromance Axle Set. 75" OD, 1/2" wall; Axle Width: 72" Width for clearing 40" tires; Ring Gear: 9. Arranged by buyer on one pallet. Dana 70hd 5. 5″ wide to bolt to CAGE radius arms and to facilitate easily welding to short side axle tubes such as those found on many Dana 60 front axles. Dana’s specialized Crate Axle distributor program provides a prepackaged solution for many AXLE IDENTIFICATION Chevrolet began the manufacture of their own design Front Drive Axles for use on 1/ 2 and 3/ 4 ton (K10 & K20) Four Wheel Drive vehicles. Jan 03, 2006 · I would try to stick with a 60 or 70. Dodge also used a Dana 61 front under some diesel Quality Gear - Dana 60 Differential. You will also see fabricators using the SD60 in tube buggy builds. 75 wall thickness this will leave exactly 2. Dana 30 vs 44 vs 60! In today's video we are going to basically rate and review three very popular axles for swaps. 13s locker, and disc Power Products carries the Yukon Master Overhaul Kit Dana Spicer 80 Yukon 1541H Alloy Rear Axle for Dana 60, 70, and 80 YUK-YA_FF35-Main 0. you cannot just bolt on stock disk brakes without adapters and whatnot AFAIK. Apr 25, 2014 · BTW, I just installed a chevy Dana 60 and a 14 bolt full floater axle in my Jeep. I think I found a full-time Dana 60 front for my truck for a good price, And its only a 550 mile round to trip to get it . I don't know the price of a dynatrac 60, but the 78-79 Ford Kingpin 60's run around $1k here. +$48. You get a direct-fit, bolt-in solution for your Jeep Wrangler JK, plus the It is a Dana 60-2, out of a 1973 jeep J4000 pu. 5 full float rear ends] Dodge Trucks [Dana 60, 70, 80, 10. Model 30 Front Axle: CJ-5, CJ-7, Scrambler, YJ, XJ and TJ. When buying your lug studs it’s always a good idea to take a set of digital calipers with you to double check what you are purchasing from your local parts house. 00 Mopar Jeep JK Front Ultimate Dana 60 5. 75″ – the diameter of the Dana 60’s ring gear. Dana 61 Rear Axle. BillaVista's Ther are no stock Dana 60 front ends that I know of that are close to being the right width. Well I have an extra set of 1 ton axles. Place each half against D60 front and install D60 front in suspension with springs, leaving C-bush cap bolts slightly loose. A Dana 30 from a '95 1/2 or later XJ/ZJ is a common upgrade which eliminates the vaccume disconnect. 525" (Dana & 8 3/4") and 2. 35+5 foot double tandem axle flatbed trailer. U-Bolt Kits for both axles included. 38 • Ultimate Dana 60 Rear Axle 5. Find Axle Bearings Dana 60 Axle Model and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Width (in) 1. Rubicon models come standard with a 4. Modification of the shackle hangers is likely, we do not cover Mar 31, 2011 · Building A Budget Dana 60 By The Numbers: Dana 60 Chrysler Rear Housing (44″ center of pad-to-pad width, 54″ between backing plate flanges width) Currie Forged Alloy Extreme 35-spline Axles, offset pair 28-7/16″ and 27-1/16″ (# CE-1014) Currie Sealed Large Axle Bearings With O-Rings (# CE-8000S) Motive Gear 4. Apr 22, 2009 · When swapping front axles on FSJs, the spring perch width of the front axle can really put a damper on your options. The Bottom Line on Lug Studs : Most Dana 60 SRW (single rear wheel) front hubs run a Dorman 610-283 lug stud. 125″. 125 in for the inside diameter. Pair of Forged Factory Style 8 on 6. The JK Rubicon Dana 44 front assembly sports 8. I am not sure about 550's. I dont know the width but I promise it is much wider. Note: SAS-001 kit will work with the newer Chevy 98-08 platform as well as long as you are using either a 78-79 Ford Dana 44 or Dana 60, or Chevy Dana 44 or Dana 60. If you seek out the most challenging routes and toughest obstacles to conquer, the Extreme 60 axle set is a natural choice. So, while the Dana 60 has a stronger housing than the Dana 44, it’s not by a massive amount, especially for the larger Dana 44s. Dana 60 Axle Swap - Getting Rid of the Twin Traction Beam Suspension. Wide). Dana 60 axles come in high-pinion front and rear configurations and they can be identified by their 10 diff cover bolts, hexagon shaped diff cover, and a fill plug on the axle center line. 77 inches seems to ring a bell. Chevy 1 ton pass drop dana 60 kingpin axle, pretty hard to find cheap in a junk yard but they are around, came most notably in the K30 trucks. 5") is an OEM Replacement and uses the Stock GM or Dodge brake Rotors and wheel studs. Tip #3: DoctorDiff axles have 2. Rebuild of a Dana 60 including Detroit Locker . And you cant just put dually rims on the rear of a pickup, they will hit the springs. Yes their are 5 on 5 1/2" bolt pattern kits for a front Dana 60. Chevy dana 60 front with 5. All New Low Pinion Nodular Iron Housings Castings from Strange Engineering with DOM Tubes and Steel Billet Ends; Built to Directly Bolt Together with Your Existing Factory Brakes, or Choose from Our Selection of Custom Rear Disc Brake Now, to meet a growing consumer demand for genuine Dana ® axles, Dana brings genuine Dana 44 ™, Dana 60 ™, Ultimate Dana 44 ™, and Ultimate Dana 60 ™ Crate Axles to the market, complete with genuine Spicer ® gearing in a variety of ratios. $74. 55 gear ratio and needs little to no work. 38 ELD Ultimate Dana 60 front and rear axles are built with the innovations that give you the confidence to take on the toughest terrain. If the width is gained by making the long side longer, the spring perches will be too far apart. 5" spring pad width Dana 60 Axle Width Chart Jan 13, 2011 · Another factor to consider is the spring perch width on the front Dana 60. dana 60 front axle width